Selling kilometers

Guided by the principle “You can’t have everything, where would you put it?”, I realized I can’t keep this huge amount of distance to myself.

Further more,  knowing my car’s size, it became obvious I couldn’t  take all the people with me.

But with a little help from our technological advance, I found a perfect solution: I’m going to store all the people, as well as the kilometers, on my camera.

How will this work? I do hope I don’t have to explain the  focus setting and button pushing .

This is how it’s going to be : I’ll take pictures of your names in front of the entrance signs of cities or villages you fancy. As far as I’m concerned you could even choose Capusul Mare and that won’t be a problem. Then I’m going to upload the pictures on the website, as I go. And I’m not charging a lot. It’s 1 Euro per kilometer here.

The Contact  is in the upper right .