About me

I was born, I grew up and here I am now  to the present day. I did all sorts of  things, good or bad  and now I have set my mind to do  a good one, meaning a trip around the Earth.  As I’ve told  everyone,  I want to leave   through Gilau and come back through Sannicoara.

I am an electrical engineer and I own  a company dealing with mechanical processing.

As for the  travelling, I can say I have always been passionate about it.  Given the fact  that my parents broke up when I was 4 years old, the first trips I ever made,  were those  from one parent  to another , being led by  my personal whims ,  when things got bad  with one of my parents and moving with the other one , and this lasted until adolescence.

In the beginning, my trips took place  by train, which of course , I wanted to drive; the only problem being that it was highly unlikely that I  could. So, of course I couldn’t wait to have access to  the only means of transportation that you could drive on your own at that age, and that was the bicycle. I recieved   the first bike in summer but a potato head  stole it next winter.

Obviously, the next phase was the car. Since I had none, I  looked around and noticed that my dad’s keys were not as  well guarded as they should have been . So I began an intensive self-taught driving course with   my dad’s car. By the age  of 14-15  ,  I knew exactly how many dikes   a Dacia 1300 can fly over . A  thing that I was quite  proud of , and happy about , but not my dad, who I don’t know why, but  he found  it  difficult to understand . Logicaly , as he became increasingly better at  keeping  the keys  hidden , my biterness grew .

This culminated in the most unfortunate day of my life, the day I got my driver’s license, I was already 18 ,  and I had no car. I was an fully qualified combatant, but there was no  war in that area. And this just added to the fact that those who released my driver’s license at that time,  misspelled the date and printed it one year before.

I quickly understood that it will take me  forever  to be able to afford  own Dacia, which valued almost  70. 000 lei, which meant many years of hard work. I reoriented to something much cheaper, an Alfa Romeo,  my first off-road car. So I started to drive around  Apuseni Mountains  with my new acquisition. After that, considering the fact that it would have been impossible to find a spare part  for this car, except for maybe  a light bulb or a fuse, I bought all the Alfa Romeo that I could  find  so that I ‘d have the  spare parts secured . But fatality made  the exact same parts  break down at the same time, all the time.

A few years before this , one of my father cousins used to be one of our frequent house guests, who would drive  the cars of the  company he worked for,  to  Campulung Muscel for capital repairs . Any person with a little bit of expertise in the type of cars that were taken and brought back from   Campulung Muscel , knows that those cars are often  ARO or IMS. Whenever  the guy brought them back, with the help of a wonderful twist of taith, he always ended up crashing at our place on Saturday evenings . . He  would  spend the rest of weekend till Monday at Fodora, which is  35 km away from  Cluj, and I knew the parting and returning hours very well . And since I knew  these cars should be driven after their fixing , the running-in being the first thing on the list, I couldn’t see a single reason why I should stop my self from taking care of this vital and delicate operation. At first , in my back yard , between the trees ,  where the IMS could hardly fit, but the ARO was less fortunate. This could only lead to the car’s bumper being scratched and the right corner of it being  automatically covered  with shoe cream by Monday morning. Not a permanent solution, but the colors matched and it was the only one available .

Given the limitations of the area I was living in , a great amount  of time until had to pass until  I had a real off road car. Let’s say 20 years … Not to bore myself  that  much during  this time, I filled my existence  with age-related stuff, which I like to  call generic childhood diseases, like school, college, few years abroad,  and some marriages. Not that many, but enough to get a hang of ” what’s the deal” with the hole thing… Then I got my first off road car which was a STEYR Pinzgauer. Then followed a very rapid changing  succession of Mercedes Geländewagen, the Gs.  I want to go t that trip which I mentioned at the beginning of section “about me” with one of them.