About the Project

The project idea came to my mind  after a self-analysis that I did on my way home from the last trip –  Morocco 2013 or as I like to call it, Africa 2013…… it sounds better.

I realized that a good excuse for not doing what you must,  is to say something like this  to yourself  : “no matter how hard  you try to accomplish  that thing , if it’s not meant to be , it’s not going  to happen”.  My point  is,  that for a couple of years  I’ve been doing only  what I should have done,  only what  was good, normal, nice, helpful, but  the results were not the ones that I’ve been hoping for . I  had good intentions, I tried,  but when   I saw that it just wouldn’t  work,  I thought to myself : “That’s it!  Something must be done”. Ok.

On my  first examination of the matter ,  I realized that in order to move forward with   this project, that  could  require one year or more , the first thing I need,  is that particular  amount of time, and of course,  some money. Obviously , neither me, nor the people I talked about this with, dispose of that kind of   time and  money , so I decided that this must be done , no matter what.

When planning something like this, it  is hard to resist the temptation of including   as many  objectives as possible .  In this case , the objectives are called continents, the  countries on them, and places in those countries. So far so  good.  Now first things first.

Continents, a total of 7, or   6 -5 if we are to listen to different opinions. One of them is covered in   ice, so we’ll skip over. That leaves us with  six. Countries, as many as possible  from each continent, and since  you get to America why not to go to Alaska as well . If you  get to South America, you simply can not, NOT not go to “Tierra del Fuego” . If you get  to  Morocco and like to call it  “being in  Africa” , why not actually go to Africa, for real ,  to  all of Africa from north to south. If you set  foot  in  Australia,  wouldn’t it  be a shame not to  run to New Zealand?  If you plan to go  to Japan,  then doing it  in the month when the cherry trees bloom, it’s a must!  And if you find yourself in    Russia, after having survived  the imense  quantities of vodka you had  to drink in order to be able to speak the local language,  then  you must   go up north to Magadan and west and reach  Kamchatka. Of course, let’s  not forget Mongolia, the  Baltics ..and that’s pretty much it.

I could say  a lot more …. and I will … but a little later,  inside  the section “On going Event”.